At SEPTONA we strongly believe that making business has ethical obligations beyond what the law and shareholders require.

We understand that our operations & products affect the environment, therefore we embrace our responsibility to people & the planet.

Our goal, since our founding, has been the improvement of our environmental impact while still meeting our shareholders, employees and customers objectives.

One of our targets during the last five years was to minimize the production of cotton buds with plastic sticks while having new more environmentally friendly alternative to propose to our customers.

In 2017, after thorough testing regarding safety and performance, we managed to start producing cotton buds with paper sticks. That year the paper sticks production represented the 30% of total products of sticks. In 2018 this percentage was almost doubled and that led to a 93% replacement of plastic sticks during 2019.

We are certified according to FSC® Chain-of-Custody, for the purchase of paper sticks (FSC® Mix), paper box and paper carton (FSC® Mix, FSC® Recycled), storage, production and sale of cotton buds (FSC® Mix) – Transfer System.

For the past 3 years we are gradually switching plastic boxes for cotton buds to paper boxes and we have already replaced almost 30% of our annual production.

Our new objective for the new decade is to make our packaging more environmentally friendly. We aim to have recyclable packaging for half of our own branded products by 2025, without compromising any of the product attributes.

Furthermore, we are ISO 50001 certified, for more efficient use of energy and reduction of environmental impact.

At SEPTONA we commit to constantly improve our environmental footprint in all operations.