Ecolife Round Double-faced Cotton Pads

Ecolife Round Double-faced Cotton Pads

100% Organic Cotton – 100% Biodegradable
100% Recyclable packaging

Hypoallergenic & Dermatologically tested

SEPTONA Ecolife Round double-faced Cotton Pads made of 100% organic cotton, gently cleanse and take care of the most sensitive skins. Non fleecing, non-dissolving. Using SEPTONA Ecolife Cotton Pads, you reduce your personal environmental footprint because cotton pads are biodegradable and packaging is 100% recyclable. Disposal must always be done in special recycling bins.


  • 100% organic cotton


Apply the cleansing milk or demake up lotion on a cotton pad and with circular movements remove the makeup from your face, eyes and neck. Repeat until all traces of make-up have been removed.