SEPTONA was founded in 1975 and is a Greek company. In nowadays is established as one of the leading manufacturers of personal hygiene products.

SEPTONA exports in more than 70 countries worldwide, enjoying a strong position in Greece as well. Continuous investment in new technologies, in combination with a sophisticated quality control system in each production process, ensures the production of personal hygiene products of high quality.

All our products are developed with one common goal, to provide the best experience in the occasion used. And this is recognized by business partners and consumers in all markets we operate.

Thus, SEPTONA is nowadays synonymous to QUALITY, PURITY, and NATURALITY in the personal hygiene of consumers worldwide. SEPTONA employs 510 people and owns 5 highly modern manufacturing plants in the EU, four in Greece, that feature a vertical production process of all its cotton products.

SEPTONA factories has been successfully evaluated for certification by IFS-HPS for personal hygiene products. SEPTONA is the only company in Greece that is certified for the high level product quality, manufacturing processes and production facilities.